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Dr. Alok Dixit

Dr.Alok Dixit has been one of the pioneer Dermatologists and has been practicing Aesthetic Dermatology for the past 22 years. He has been helping numerous patients to recover from their skin problems and with his steady and safe hands has beautified many patients over the years. With the use of extensive knowledge and his expertise he has enhanced the beauty and vanished scars of the numerous patients.

Dr. Dixit is most renowned for his unparalleled services in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology, Scar Treatment, Skin Disease Treatment, Skin Care, Hair Loss Treatment, and of course general Dermatology.

Dr. Dixit completed his MBBS from Pandit JNM Medical College, Raipur and pursued MD from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal. He has been practicing dermatology since the June of 1994. He has held many prominent positions including the seat of Honorary General Secretary, IADVL of the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh respectively, the President of IADVL of Chhattisgarh and the Chairman of many State Conferences.

Success Stories

Together we can work and find a solution for all your skin problems.

Dr. Alok focuses upon combining his efforts with cooperation from the patients. He is of the believe that a patient recovers soon if he has faith on his doctor and believes in the treatment provided. The patient should be completely positive towards the treatment and never miss an appointment or forget to take their medicines.
Dr. Dixit has an illustrious career of 22 years with:


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Twacha - Dr. Dixit's Initiative For Skin Solutions

Dr. Dixit is a well-known figurine in the field of medicine in and around Durg. Even after having serving in the medical field for many years and helping innumerable patients, he is keen and zealous on helping each patient in need of his guidance. He thus set up a highly advanced and well equipped clinic in Durg which provides the following facilities:

  • Qualified and Dedicated Staff
  • Advanced Equipments
  • Personalized Treatment
  • Experienced and Expert Advice on Skin Care

Dedicated Services

Treatments Offered By Me

Dr. Alok Dixit- More Than a Dermatologist

Dr. Alok is also a very eminent speaker and writer and a philanthropist. He has many publications in National and International Journals. He has also given many  presentations in regional, state, national and international conferences. He is also an experienced Marathon Runner, a “Certified Chi Running Trainer” and has attended many workshops with running legends and star runners like: Suhas Kulkarni, Lee Hing Yen, Bobby Thomas Philip.

According to him, every person deserves to look the best they can and project their inner radiance through their outward beauty. He also stresses upon the fact that not every skin disease is a small rash that can be dealt with home remedies. Dr. Dixit firmly believes that every person’s skin reacts differently to medicines and hence has to be given the best possible personalized treatment.

Why People Prefer Twacha??

We offer extensive medical services for our patients combined with
Care, Dedication & Expertise.

We examine every patient thoroughly and start the medication and treatment procedure based upon the complete medical history of the patient. The process is kept completely transparent with the patient by making him understand the need and outcome of every step we take.

We use the best and most advanced technology available to enable our patients to receive the best possible results. We combine the expertise of Dr. Dixit along with technology to produce the best results and help the patients to recover fast.

The success rate of Dr. Dixit has been well above 90 per cent in the years of service to the patients. The use of advanced technology further enables him to produce better results. He works with the same zeal of curing every patient until the desired results are achieved.