Why do Patients Trust Twacha?

We Offer Extensive Medical Services For Our Patients Combined With
Care, Dedication & Expertise.

We make the safe use of laser as a treatment for many skin diseases. We use it for the removal of tattoos, hair and many other treatments where it is required. 

We examine every patient thoroughly and start the medication and treatment procedure based upon the complete medical history of the patient. The process is kept completely transparent with the patient by making him understand the need and outcome of every step we take.

Dr. Dixit also recommends a diet plan if he finds it necessary. In any case or skin problem, if he finds that a certain diet plan is to be followed he recommends it to his patients to help them recover fast.

We use the best and most advanced technology available to enable our patients to receive the best possible results. We combine the expertise of Dr. Dixit along with technology to produce the best results and help the patients to recover fast.

The treatment length is dependent upon the extent of the disease or skin problem faced by the patient. Dr. Dixit focuses upon curing the patient completely and helps him/her recover fast. But at the same time, he never unnecessarily hastens the procedure prevent the cause of side effects 

The success rate of Dr. Dixit has been well above 90 per cent in the years of service to the patients. The use of advanced technology further enables him to produce better results. He works with the same zeal of curing every patient until the desired results are achieved.


We’re Setting the New
Standards in Medical Sector

Modern Technology

At Twacha we use the best of technology and machines to help in the treatment of diseases like Acne, Rosacea, Psoriasis, Vitiligo and many other treatments like Skin Rejuvenation, Facial Tightening and so on.

Experienced Doctors

Dr.Alok Dixit has been one of the pioneer Dermatologists and has been practicing Aesthetic Dermatology for the past 22 years.

Success Of Treatment

Dr. Dixit has an success rate of over 90% Treatment of over 25 Skin Diseases Over 5000 Patients successfully cured.

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